What People Are Saying About 3SI?

  Travis Martinez, Special Ops & Investigations Lieutenant, Redlands Police Dept.  

"We have deployed the ESO tracking device to address several
crime trends in the community and have made arrests for such crimes as
robbery, commercial burglary, pharmacy burglary and theft of tires,
bikes, laptops, metal and wire, fire hydrants, cemetery,
vending machines, mail, cigarettes and packages. The devices have even
been used to arrest credit card skimming suspects and people stealing
third-row seats from SUVs. We have successfully used the devices
to track vehicles under a court order and to voluntarily track
informants that have led us to murder and robbery suspects.“

"We often ask ourselves why we didn’t start using Electronic Stake Out GPS Tracking sooner.”

 Gabe Martin, Director of Asset Protection, Custom Communications

“Phone Tracker has been a great product. Customer Service has
been exceptional. Anytime I’ve ever had any questions, concerns, or
issues that need to be addressed, 3SI has always been very responsive.
You have been proactive on your end as far as reporting any low
batteries or any issues with any device, so that’s always been

 Eric Diaz, CEO, Sprint Store by Wireless Connections

"The customer support I received from 3SI has been outstanding.
The tracking website application gives me quick and easy access to view
all our installed devices and quickly confirm their status...I am
confident that our stores, our employees, our customers and our
inventory are protected. As a CEO, that is very important to me."

  Anthony Foy, Detective, City of Salisbury Police Department

"If it wasn’t for your device, this bank robbery would have never been solved. Thank you very much. I just want to stress how amazing these devices are and how it is the sole reason these people are in jail."


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